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One of Keeshond Heavens dogs (Side Car) was filmed for the Animal Planets Keeshonds 101!

Please watch to get some info on the breed.

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Keeshond Puppy and Dog Information

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Welcome to Keeshond Heaven! We are the premier source for Keeshond puppies for sale. My name is Collene Esterly-Hamm and I have been a dog breeder since 1984. We have 14 adult females and 3 males. Our dogs are AKC registered, DNA tested, and PHPT tested. I am currently raising 3 girls to carry on their mothers blood line. I have been raising this bloodline for over 20+ years.

I'm licensed from the state of PA, and also inspected by the American Kennel Club yearly!! All puppies are sold within limited registration. We welcome you to come visit us and our dogs! Cameras are welcome. I love spoiling my girls and boys with toys and a beautiful environment with plenty of room to run around in the backyard.

Show quality Puppies for sale once a year from Champion Bloodlines. Call for details.

Reading Eagle Article: Berks-Bred Keeshond Wins Best of Breed

We have co bred with Phyllis Noonan the 2021 Best of Breed winner at Westminster. Call name Mr. Kelly. Living in Colorado with Karen. 

Animal Planet’s ‘Too Cute’ films in Lenhartsville
Animal Planet camera crews filmed puppies for seven weeks at a Lenhartsville home this summer. (at Keeshond Heaven!)

Watch Animal Planet's Too Cute Keeshond Wild Goose Chase HERE!

I own and operate Collene's Crafts and Flowers in Kutztown, PA selling country crafts and floral arrangements. My husband contributes to the inventory with his custom made wooden spoons and other wooden kitchen tools. His creations are truly magnificent. Visit his online store, Chester P. Basil's at

In 2007 we added a 28 by 40 foot area to our home just for the dogs to live in. It is larger then where we live! Boy I must love my dogs !!


They have every thing they need. Music, air , TV, carpets. I can only keep 5 dogs in the home with me as they hog too much of the bed already! Imagine sleeping with 19??

On many nights I sleep with them in the dog room when a new litter is born! I just can't separate myself from them. I want to make sure everyone is healthy and knows how to drink. The first week is the most important in their new lives.

Keeshonds are my life. They bring so much joy, you will never know what you are missing until you have one!

We are located in Lenhartsville, PA in the rolling farmland of PA Dutch Country.  We are surrounded by vineyards and farm fresh markets and are very close to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Two vineyards are only 10 minutes away from our location; Pinnacle Ridge Winery and Blair Vineyards. If your are picking up Friday or Saturday, Renniger’s Farm Market in Kutztown PA is also a wonderful excursion. If you are interested in spending the night at a great local Bed and Breakfast try The Main Street Inn in Kutztown (10-15 minutes from us).

We often send new puppy owners right up the street to Detrichs Country Meats get treats for their new puppy. You will find smoked meats, cheeses and other Pennsylvania delights here! We like to encourage new puppy owners to take advantage of all our beautiful area has to offer!!

We Keep Our Keeshond Dogs for LIFE!

We are one of the few breeders where you can come and see your puppy, the pup's parents and the pup's grandparents. Many breeders get rid of their Keeshonds when they do not want them any more. Many of my dogs stay with me until they pass. Some are placed with loving families.

We are located only 2 miles off of Interstate I-78, deep in the heart of the meandering countryside. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS


Keeshonds can be Service Dogs!

What is a Keeshond?

A Keeshond is a member of the spitz group of dogs. In AKC standards they are about 17-18 inches tall, and weigh between 35-45 pounds. The color of the dog is usually a mix of grey, black, and cream. These dogs are very playful, with quick reflexes and strong jumping ability. They are quick learners and eager to please.


90% of the people I sell puppies to have had this breed before. Once you have had the luxury of owning a Keeshond, you will never want a different kind of dog. This is something I cannot explain. It's as if they are a human in a dogs body!



WE have puppies living is these states so far! 




South Carolina



New Hampshire




New Jersey






New York




North Carolina








West Virginia




Hawaii (soon)


Canada Also !




Rhode Island



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