Meet "Captain Jack Sparrow"


We first started receiving letters directly from "Captain Jack Sparrow" shortly after he arrived home. He was born to Shiba and Indy and went home to Pittsburgh with his new family. For anyone considering including a lovable new Keeshond Pup in their lives, the tales of Captain Jack will not only amuse you, but will give keen insight into how a Keeshond adapts and grows in a loving family.

Captain Jack is an internet sensation as all who read his letters delight in experiencing puppyhood from his perspective.


It has been about a week now since I have come to my new home.  I really like it here! I have lots of toys and I have a big yard. My Mary Kay Mom said when I get older, I can run without a leash. (I do not like that leash thing. I also do not like that bath thing.) I do miss everyone at your house. No one here has much hair, especially my Kevin Dad.

I have been to see a nice doctor and everybody there said I was sooooooooo cute!

I am doing pretty well with that going outside stuff and I have even gone to sit by the door a couple of times. (That Tinky thing is giving me a bit more trouble than the other buy Mary Kay Mom says that the carpet is old.)

I can smell another Keeshond around but I can’t find him, which is weird because I think that he was pretty big. Mary Kay Mom says it is interesting that I sleep in his “spot” during the day.

I have sent some pictures. My Mary Kay Mom wrote on the back to tell you what the picture is about. I am not very good at that writing stuff yet.

Miss you all!
Captain Jack Sparrow Y.


Top Left: Me in my yard wearing my new blue tag. If you look closely, you can see my name!
Top Right: I decided to sleep in a basket under the table & no one could find me!
Bottom Center: Me with my stuffed parrot. I love to beat it up! All pirates love parrots!



Dear Collene Mom, Shiba Mom and Indy Dad - and everybody else!

I’m almost three months old now!  I am growing very fast.  I am learning lots of new things - like how to go outside all the time.  I am doing a pretty good job and even let my Mary Kay Mom know that I have to go out in the middle of the night!

I still make a lot of noise when she leaves and puts me in my kennel but she always comes back!  My sisters give me lots of hugs and bring their friends to meet me.  (Kalynn’s boyfriend is afraid of me - that is way too funny!)  Mary Kay Mom told him - “For heaven’s sake, it’s not a wolf!”  My Keven Dad lets me crawl all over him when he lays on the floor to watch TV.  He won’t let me eat his shoes.

I hear the word “No” a lot - but I am learning about that too.  There are so many “no’s” though.  Hard to keep them straight.  Biting is a big time “No”, but sometimes I can’t resist.  I get SO excited!

I have new marking around my eyes and a stripe down the middle of my head.  Mary Kay Mom keeps talking about something called “Gremlins” and someone else with a strip on their head.  Not sure if that is a compliment.

Hey I saw our picture on the internet.  Thanks for putting that up.  Gosh, I am cute!

Did you know that chasing crawly bugs is fun?  If not, you should try it.  Haven’t caught any yet, though.  And MK Mom is always pulling things out of my mouth.  She is a poo.

I have a new movie coming out, be sure to see it!  That Johnny Depp guy does me pretty well.

I miss you all but this is a good place to be.  I still catch the scent of that other Keeshond, Faux.  I don’t understand why I can’t find him.

I also don’t understand why I am sometimes called “sweetie” and “terror pup” and “Momma’s Good Puppy”.  My name is Captain Jack!

Take care - I have put in some pictures so you can see how I am growing.

Captain Jack Sparrow Y.



Top Left: You can see the new markings under my eyes and the stripe on my head.
Top Right: Me and my Pirate bowls - this one is for water.
Below Left: Look at the marks around my eyes!




It’s me, Captain Jack from Pittsburgh.  I am four month old now so I thought I would send you some pictures so you can see how I am growing up.  The “go outside” thing is going really well. An occasional accident but nothing more. (Although I did go on the newly dry cleaned comforter right after I had been outside.  Mom was not happy.  She says I have to stay down for awhile.)

I have lots of toys and things to chew.  I do hear that “No” word a lot.  Mom doesn’t liker her pajamas ending up in the hall.  I wear lots of tags now and like to try to bite them.  I chewed through my first leash.  I have a black stripe that runs from my head all the way down my back.  Mom says I am a reverse Pepe LePew.  I don’t know that guy.

I have sent 2 pictures.  In the first one, I am at my post, looking for danger. (And no, I didn’t scratch the door frame, Faux did that.)  In the second, I am relaxing on the deck.

I did do something bad that scared my Mom & Dad.  I saw an opening in the gate & I took it.  I was across the street in a flash.  Dad had trouble catching me.  They said that the road is Very Busy & Dangerous.  Dad was angry and Mom was very sad.  I had to stay in the house for awhile.

“Sit” is going well (if Mom asks), “Stay” - I’m working on it.  I am running about 65% on “Come here”.  (I have noticed that my sisters don’t listen very well about cleaning stuff and they just turned 21!  Much older than me.

I like to sleep with my head under the bed and with my butt sticking out into the room.  I also like to sleep in the bathroom with my head between the toilet & the scale.  Mom says I am weird.

Well, those are all of my adventures for now.  So many new things to see and do!  Mom says I get “All wound up”.

Take care.

Captain Jack Sparrow Young


Top: I'm relaxing and looking for Danger.
Bottom: Still looking for Danger!



Dear Everyone in Lenhartsville,

It’s me – Captian Jack Sparrow! I am 5 months old now and I weigh 21 lbs. I have tripled my weight since coming to my home here in Pittsburgh.

I am learning many new things, “sit”, “give me paw”, “come here” and “down”. I do those really well. “No barking” and “stay” are harder! I do a great job of going outside as long as my family pays attention to what I am telling them. I can last the WHOLE night without waking mom (9 pm – 5 am)! I am also out of the kennel at night and I have been very good. I have not eaten Dad’s shoes. My sister says that Mom’s clothes migrate to other parts of the house – but I do not eat them.

Mom says I am a nutcase. I don’t get it because I don’t see any nuts. I just get SO EXCITED! The other day, I ran to the deck ottoman, bounced off of that to the chair seat and landed with my back legs on the deck railing. Then I lost my balance and fell back onto the chair. Whoa, that was fun!

I have lost a bunch of teeth – one fell right into my sister’s lap. The new ones are BIG! I have long legs, a long muzzle and a fuzzy head. My mom says that if I grow into my legs and nose I will be a “big one”. A big what, I am not sure.

I am always very busy watching for EVIL SQUIRREL THINGS. There are a lot around here. Can’t trust them. I think they want my Puppy Chow. Or maybe my squeaky lambie. HA! Let them try.

Miss you all,
Captain Jack Sparrow


Top: I am with my sister. She is hiding. This is my "serious" look.
Middle: Mom hung this picture by my bowls. I think we look alike.
Bottom: This is me in the family room. Look at my long legs!



Hey Everyone!

Captain Jack here! Sorry that I am a little late with my letter but there has been a lot going on here. I am six months old!

First of all, I had an OPERATION! I am not sure what that was all about but that gave me an OW! And I didn’t like it. And I had to wear something called an E – collar for way too long. I didn’t like that thing. Neither did mom and dad – I kept hitting them in the backs of the legs with it! Mom forgot to take a picture to show you – but that is OK. I looked pretty dumb.

I am growing SO fast – I bet I am close to 30 lbs. Got to get weighted at the vet today for my heartworm. Mom won’t let me drive her new car, so she and dad have to take me.

My sisters are not here and I miss them. They went back to COLLEGE. I do not know where COLLEGE is but it means they can’t be here to play. They said that dogs are NOT ALLOWED where they live. What kind of rule is that? There is a dog in the White House! Sometimes people don’t make sense to me.

I am still working on that “Good Dog” stuff. Sometimes it doesn’t go so well. Mom still can’t find her earring or her slipper. I have learned that if I stand on my hind legs I can find all kinds of cool stuff on the counter. That is definitely not a “Good Dog” thing. And emptying waste baskets – hey! I am just trying to help!

I am such a good climber that mom stacks two baby gates in the doorway when she leaves. I am way too big for my kennel. I stay in the “breakfast room” which is nice and sunny with a big sliding door. I can keep an eye out for EVIL SQUIRRELS.

Guess what!?!? You should see me catch a ball! I can catch a tennis call and an old volleyball that belonged to my sisters. I can even catch my Squeaky Lambie (my favorite toy). I can’t play ball in the yard yet because I don’t know “boundaries” according to dad. He’s right. Never met those guys.

Hey. They said when I had my operation that I got a “chip”. I don’t know about that because I DO know about chips (yummy) and I haven’t seen one around here. Maybe another dog ate mine while I was sleeping.

Well, that’s about it for now. I will try to be on time with my letter next time.

Miss you all,
Captain Jack Sparrow


Top & Middle: Handsome me at 6 1/2 months.
Bottom: Me in the doorway of the breakfast room. I stay there when Mom leaves.





November 4, 2011

Hey Everybody.

It’s me - Captain Jack from Pittsburg! I hope that you are all well. I am just peachy.

You will never believe what happened here last week! This white stuff fell from the sky and stuck to the ground! Mom said it was snow. We didn’t get much but Mom said we would get a lot more later and that I would probably like playing in it.
Her other dog, Faux, used to love to sleep on big piles of snow. He is now sleeping under the lilac bush with a pretty stone. I am not sure I understand that but I know it makes Mom sad.

I am getting so big! I can’t hide under the bed with my stolen treasures anymore but I can still get under the couch. That is where I took Mom’s dress shoe. She wasn’t very happy with what it looked like when I brought it out. Note to Captain: Don’t eat shoes. Only eat Puppy Chow & dog cookies.

I am doing so well with going outside, I haven’t had an accident in a long time. Mom is trying to teach me to go out on my cable all by myself but I want her with me! Yesterday, I smelled something in the yard so I had to dig a hole. She called me “Mud Puppy” when she came out. I had a scrubbing. Did not like that.

I like to play with my leopard, I flip him backwards over my head by his tail. Pulled the tail off of my parrot. I usually want to play Duckie around 10 p.m. but Mom & Dad won’t play. Know what is really fun? I hold Mom’s slipper by the bow and shake my head really hard and whap Dad in the leg with it.

At night, I sleep right beside the ed on Mom’s side. Usually on a pile of books which she does not think would be comfortable. And guess what! Sometimes I sleep in the shower! I get all fussed up if the sliding doors are closed. Mom tries to leave them open for me.

Guess what! I went to this place called “Camp Bow Wow”. My Cousin Genny (a Yorkie) told me about it. It is like a dog hotel for when your parents go away. You had to go for a test visit and I got an “A” for good behavior. I can go back anytime.
Your parents can watch you on webcams, (whatever those are). Lots of guys there but none like me.
Once again, I have included some pictures!

Well, take care. I think about my brother and sisters a lot and where they may be.

Capain Jack Sparrow



Top: Me on the storage box.
Bottom: Me & my first snow Oct. 29, 2011. (I got all tangled in my cable.)




December 1, 2011

Dear Everyone,

It’s my Birthday! It’s my Birthday! I am 9 months old today! Mom said that Christmas is coming so she gave me this cool Christmas paper to use. It would help if I knew what Christmas was.

Lots of things happening around here. I went to Camp Bow Wow again! My Cousin, Miss Gen the Yorkie, has had a sleepover there. Mom hurt her foot & couldn’t walk me so she took me there to play. They said I was “high energy” so they let me play with some BIG DAWGS! Boy, I had fun running and chasing but I was very tired when I came home. There was even someone who looked like me but she was a GIRL.

My sisters came home from COLLEGE place for a whole week. Boy, they sleep a lot. I kept having to go in to wake them up. They made grumpy noises when I stood on them.

That guy that comes to see my one sister still doesn’t like me much. What’s not to like? I even try to share my toys & get up on the couch with him. Maybe he is really a cat.

Then there is this other guy who came to see my other sister and I thought he was DANGER! I had to hide under the couch and bark at him and then I ran around the coffee table six times! He DID paly Squeaky Duck with me later so maybe I was mistaken about DANGER. Have to keep an eye on him, though. He might be like those EVIL SQUIRRELS.

You’re not going to believe this buy Mom and Dad put a TREE - right in the family room. THey do really strange things sometimes. A tree - in the house!!! Don’t think it is real because it doesn’t smell like much.

And finally - and Mom thinks this is great news - she says I am HOUSEBROKEN!!! I don’t know - wait a minute - I did chew on some (lots of) things, had some accidents, did lots of barking but I definitely DID NOT break the house. Wasn’t me. I think it was that really big guy who lives around here. Mom says he is a St. Bernard. He could probably break a house. When I bark at him Mom says he could have me for lunch. Mom likes to go to lunch, I bet I would like to go out to lunch too if the St. Bernard asks! We could go get some hamburgers.

That’s all for now. Have to go & get a “puppy pedicure” & a heartworm weigh in. Mom STILL won’t let me drive. I am pretty good in the car. I stay in the back seat and I am even better if music is on.

Captain Jack Sparrow



Top: Me at 9 months - Looking out the bay window (but you can't see it!)
Bottom: Look! I almost look exactly like a grown up dog!


December 7, 2011

Dear Shiba Mom & Indie Dad & Colene Mom,
My Mary Kay Mom was telling me about this guy Santa. She said that he will bring you presents at Christmas if you are good but I need to write a letter so he will know what to bring. I try to be good but sometimes it does not go well as it should. Anyway, here is my list.

Dear Santa,
I have been pretty good but I am just a puppy. I make some mistakes but I try! For Christmas I would like:

1. A chew bone
2. A fuzzy squeaky toy
3. Yummy treats
4. Scratchies and cuddles

I have another wish. My Mary Kay Mom told me that some dogs do not have a nice place to live. Some have NO PLACE to live. I couldn’t believe it! This is very sad. I found out that my cousin Genny the Yorkie lived in a bad place until my aunt rescued her. She is happy now.My last Christmas wish is that all dogs find a good place to live - warm and dry and filled with people who love them - even if the dog does chew the heel off of a dress show. (who, me?)

Merry Christmas to ALL & to ALL a Good Home!
Captain Jack Sparrow


Dear Collene Mom,
My Mary Kay Mom has scolded me because I have not written a thank vou for the package you sent. With doing guard duty, watching for evil squirrels and barking at the neighbor lady who is crabby, time just flies away. My Mom says sorry, too, because she has to help with the typing.

The Chew bones and hooves were great! I thought that the squeaky toys might be danger at first because I had never seen such a thing - but they are fun!

I had a scary experience latetly! Me & my Mom were out for walkies and this Huskie mix broke his cable and attacked me. I am still pretty small - only about 37 lbs. to his 90! He was biting & snarling & my Mom was screaming her head off. It took his owner forever to come & get him - then she said what a nice dog he was - huh. My Mom took me right to the Vet and the Vet said that being so fluffy probably kept me from getting bitten - he couldn't get a grip! I was only bruised and scared and had to take doggie Advil. We are not going that way anymore. At the very least, Mom says she'll carry hairspray! She said it hurts when she gets it in her eyes.

What was great was that the mailman - who I always thought was EVIL, was ready to jump out of his truck to help us just when the owner came.

I am doing well with all of the dog stuff except barking. Apparently, I bark at everything whether it is there or not, And bark, and bark. But Mom &I are working on the word, "Quiet". And when I am quiet, Iget a snacker.

I never have accidents in the house, I no longer chew things (much), Mom has some really interesting things on her desk. Mostly, I like to carry things around. I took my sisters panties into the family room.

I have been afraid of thunderstorms and would hide under Mom & Dad's bed. Now, I have gotten too big and twice this week I got stuck. Mom was the only one home to lift the mattress and frame herself so I could get out!

When I go to the Vet, they call me "Crazy Boy". I have to keep reminding them that I am Captain Jack.
Hey, I now have a Facebook page! My sister set it up for me, except that it would not let her use my real name. so, if vou look me up, Iam Jack Young. I also had to fake my birthday because you have to be a toe older than Iam to be on Facebook. There are pictures of me being my pirate Dog best, Here is a 'Pirate Joke: 'Where do 'Pirates get their music?' "Aye Tunes"!!!!!!Well, have to be closing. Mom has to get ready because she and Dad are going to a festival. No dogs allowed. : (

They did take me to the condo in Hidden Valley last weekend and I had a ton of fun running in the woods. Dad let me off of the leash and I was EXCELLENT!!!! I was NOT really good in the car. Got to work on that. Also have to Work on cooperating when being brushed. Mom takes me somewhere for a bath. She says she won't even try it. And toenails? Forget it, she won't do that, either.

Once again, Iam sorry for the delay. So many dog things to do. Iam watching out the backdoor right now for those things that sneek up on you. They are big and brown and have big black noses &- sometimes antlers. Never hear them coming - and BOY - can they jump!

My Mom is enclosing a recent picture of me - and a picture Of my new pirate ship that they bought for me in
Wlliamsburg. Miss you!

Captain Jack Sparrow Y.