Is A Keeshond Right for Me?

Do you have a sense of humor? Do you want a dog who is a companion with a capital "C"? Would you be interested in owning a lazy-man's glamour dog? By all means consider a Keeshond! Simply stated, a Keeshond is the breed for you if you are looking for a very companionable pet -- another member of the family as it were.

Part of the Non-Sporting Group, a Keeshond's only real working chore is to be a very effective alarm-giving watchdog. A barker they are, a biter they am not. Protector of children. Once a Keeshond bonds with a family or child, they will protect them at all times.

Their history is a little misleading but as best as history can be recalled, Keeshonden were bred to live in very small quarters (i.e. barges plying the canals of Holland). For this reason, it was mandatory that these dogs must be very agreeable in temperament, be extremely agile, sure-footed and personable. Incredibly affectionate, these dogs are people pleasers and people amusers. This is NOT the breed for you if you just want a dog in the backyard to be "just a dog." Not only will they not be happy, but they'll make your life miserable if you don't include them in your daily life as a member of the family. Kees need people who relish in their high l.Q.'s and unique playfulness. They are terrific with kids because they have an intelligence level of an overly bright five year old child -- and have about the same attention requirements as such. They learn very quickly.

One of the few breeds who are truly of a medium size (males are ideally 18 inches at the shoulders and weigh about 45 pounds; females 17 inches, weighing about 35 pounds), Keeshonden are elegant in appearance. Full-coated, Kees look bigger than they are. The puppies are among the most adorable creatures on the face of the earth -- then they flower into handsomely decorative glamour dogs. Yet do not let the glamorous hair deceive you! For openers, that lovely double-coat seldom exudes "doggy odor" and is often appropriate for people who have dander allergies to many other breeds. A Kees is almost a wash-and-wear dog. One hour a week of proper grooming techniques will keep a Keeshond in prime show condition. Honest! Bathing takes a little longer than your usually short haired furry friend. Their coats are water proof so it does take a little longer to get their coats wet throughout.99.9 % of Keeshonds love water.

Due to their compact structure, a Keeshond is one of the few breeds that do not require acres of running room. Homebodies, Kees get lots of exercise by bouncing about in place. Normally fastidiously clean animals, Kees make nearly perfect pets even for apartment dwelling but recommend a fence in yard.

Drawbacks? All breed have pluses and minuses. A Kees is much more intelligent than other breeds which is a plus. However, this same intelligence coupled with innate stubbornness to doing things "their way" simply means you have to be a bit smarter than they are. Not always as easy as it might seem! As a breed, Kees tend toward playful spitefulness: They will "get even" with you if you slight them. Because they're so smart, they'll wait to get even when you least want them to. So beware and take care.

Gregarious, happy, and filled with joie d'vivre (French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit), a Keeshond is a dog to have fun with. So, enjoy . . . as I have done for the last 26+ years! My passion which I love to share with other keezie lovers.



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