All of Our Dogs are PHPT Tested for the Gene that causes

Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is a condition that commonly affects the Keeshond Breed of dog. We genetically test all of our dogs to make sure that they do not pass it on to their offspring (Your future puppy!). This condition often occurs later in the dogs life. We feel that this is an important step to ensuring the health of your pet as best as we can for the life of your new friend.

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You can view all of our certificates by clicking on the Dogs Name:

Boys:    Neon       Indiana Jones     Kody    Maximillion

Girls:    Katrina        Tinkerbell      Olivia        Oriana      Keeza Nikita       Nikita      Maya         Misty      Soffie    


Boys:  Quinn 

Girls:  Karma  Star


All of Our Dogs are Tested for Patellar Luxation

Luxation of the Patella

Dislocation of the knee-cap is a problems with certain breeds of dogs. This is a hereditary problem and can be found in adult dogs. It is also unfortunate that most of the time the animal is older before it shows...which means it may have been bred or used at stud and therefore passed this problem on to yet another generation of Keeshounds! It appears in varying degrees from barely there to debilitating. Very young dogs may compensate, but this cannot be counted on.

The dislocation is usually on the inner side and the ligaments become stretched every time it happens until the patella is rarely where it is suppose to be. When the dog is standing with a dislocation of the patella, the hocks on the hind legs will be straight and if severe will cause extreme pain. In these cases there is generally a need for surgery to repair the damage. At Keeshound Heaven, we've tested all of our dogs for Luxation of the Patella and results have been negative. Click on the names of the dogs to view their certificates.

You can view all of our certificates by clicking on the Dogs Name:

Boys:    Indiana Jones     Maximillion     Kody Keith     Neon      Sirius    Quinn    Sirius    Solo    Stormy   Bam Bam  Thunder

Girls:   Luna    Sheena   Sadie    Keeza Nikita      Olivia     Katrina    Tinkerbell       Maya    Karma

 Soffie       Faith    MC Square     Ivy(Queenie)    MC Square    Angel     Nellie     Blossom     Violet

Sassy   Raina     Savanna      Star     Pebbles     Lily   Ruby   Sophie  Maggie  Misty  Tulip  Calla   Phoebe   Mia Mya  Star


Our Dogs are Tested for Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia is an inherited disease which primarily affects intermediate and large breed dogs.

Elbow dysplasia is characterized by varying degrees of elbow incongruity, bony fragments (bone chips), and ultimately, severe arthritic change. The term was introduced to describe generalized osteoarthritis (arthritis) of the elbow joint in which the anconeal process may be ununited, the medial coronoid of the ulna may be fragmented, and osteochondrosis of the humeral condyle may be present. Clinically, the symptoms range from an intermittent lameness in some affected dogs to severe, crippling disease in othe

You can view our certificates by clicking on the Dogs Name:

Boys:  Quinn    Neon    Indiana    Maya      Kody Keith    Sirius   Solo  Bam Bam   Stormy

Girls:    Ivy (Registered Queenie)    Katrina   Nikitas     Nellies     Tinkerbell    Faith     Olivia     Keeza     Nikita     Sadie    Sheena 

  Maya     Angel    MC Square    Luna    Ember      Sassy    Violet   Rainas   Star  Ruby  Lily   Misty   Tulip  Calla


Our Dogs are Tested for Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

The hip joint is composed of the ball and the socket. The development of hip dysplasia is determined by an interaction of genetic and environmental factors, though there is a complicated pattern of inheritance for this disorder, with multiple genes involved. Hip dysplasia is the failure of the hip joints to develop normally (known as malformation), gradually deteriorating and leading to loss of function of the hip joints.

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common skeletal diseases seen in dogs. Gender does not seem to be a factor, but some breeds are more likely to have the genetic predisposition for hip dysplasia than other breeds.

You can view our certificates by clicking on the Dogs Name:

Boys:  Quinn      Neon     Indiana    Kody Keith   Sirius    Solo    Stormy  Bam Bam

Girls:   Ivy (Registered Queenie)      Katrina     Nellies    Nikitas    Tinkerbell     Faith   Olivia      Keeza Nikita     Sadie  Sheena 

   Maya      MC Square    Luna   Ember     Sassy 10-26-16    Sassy 11-6-2015    Violet   Star   Ruby   Lily   Misty  Tulip  Calla


Our Dogs are Tested for Congenital Cardiac Disease


Congenital Cardiac Disease

Boys:  Quinn     Stormy    Bam Bam  Thunder

Girls:   Ivy    Violet   Karma     Raina      Savanna      Star     Pebbles     Lily   Ruby  Sophie  Maggie  Misty  Tulip Calla

  Phoebe  Mia Mya  Star


Our Dogs are Tested for Eye Disease


Eye Disease

Boys:  Stormy

Girls:  Karma    Raina     Star     Mia Mya