Letters & Testimonials


Dear Collene and her wonderful 'furry family',

It's now been two weeks since we were lucky enough to adopt of your puppies.  I can't tell you how impressed, happy, thrilled, etc. we are with Keeshond Heaven.  All your 'kids' are so well taken care of, so clean, so happy and all the other happy adjectives that cover your facility.  This is my 4th Keeshond in my lifetime and your facility far exceeds any kennel I have every seen, let alone dealt with.  I was on a waiting list for almost 6-1/2 months waiting for my little girl and after meeting you and the kids I can see why there was such a long waiting period. No wonder there is such a long waiting list, you have the cream of the crop.  All of your pups are golden gifts that enhance any household where they become part of the family, with or without children.  Your facility is so well taken care of, that if you had an extra doggie pen where I could fit in and out of the doggie door, I would book a "bed and breakfast" there to spend fun time with all the kids.  Anybody that looks at your website and is thinking of getting a Keeshond, do not hesitate, get on board with Collene and get on the waiting list.  She has the best Keeshond dogs/puppies you will ever find in the universe.  Again, Collene, thank you for allowing me to adopt one of your puppies.  If at anytime one of your doggie pens become available and you enlarge the doggie door, please contact me immediately!  I will pack up my jammies, my bed pillow and be on my way!

Warmest regards from an owner of a 'fuzzy butt' puppy!

Sharon M.


Subject: A very Merry Christmas and a wish for a Prosperous New Year


Well, it is about time to celebrate Trixie's 18th month birthday and Christmas on the 25th...what more could we ask for????!!!!!
Trixie continues to thrive, particularly with the pleasant temperatures which only make our fun walks and runs all the more appreciated.  She had two dog playmates when one of our daughters visited earlier this month, for 2 1/2 weeks, and lots of extra walking and outdoor playing by  all concerned.  All sorts of folks continue to compliment Trixie for her champion good looks and almost champion obedience.  (She is still shy around little children, under 10 years.)

We were all looking for you on TV during the Philadelphia Dog Show....and were excited to see a Keeshond win 3rd place in the non-sporting group.  Did you enter this year????

Anyway, we wish you and your family, and ALL the KEESHOND HEAVEN live-ins a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Betty, Tony, and Trixie





As you know, we have been a Keeshond family now, for some time. If it's one thing that is good about retirement, it is the opportunity to spend so much time with family and dogs!!! Trixie is an absolute wonder and delight.....the vet compliments her on Trixie's demeanor and says her 34.0 lbs are perfect. I spend alot of time with Trixie...with the weather being what it has been this summer and fall, we are up to two walks, about 1.5 miles in the a.m. and 1.5 miles in the afternoon. And a day like today, we round out with about a 2mile hike with her walker, who as I have said previously has used her AKC training to help us interact with Trixie.

Giving Trixie a daily body massage, I can really feel all the sinews and muscle she has.....this dog is built like a champion.....I never had a chance to pet Neon, but as far as looks go, her physique resembles his very closely....and she has the beautiful color and marking of Katrina...so YOU did a great job of seeing in the future when you bred them. Trixie, as we both know, is a "demon".....you should see her run, at top speeds, in the dog run as well as our finished basement, when the weather is foul. If she were human with such speed and stamina, she would be shoo-in for the Olympics !!

And of course, she is a loving and lovable princess....you should see Betty and Trixie together...a visible example of the bonding that eons of contact between canines and humans, and the personal touch between the two of them!!!

Anyway, thought you should know, again, how much we appreciate you and Keeshond Heaven, the opportunity given us by virtue of our "parenthood".

Hope all is well with you and the "troops"......and how's the healing of your foot......?????

Warmest regards, Betty and Tony




Dear Collene,

            Nearly sixteen years ago, after losing our Pomeranian, our vet recommended that our family get a Keeshond. He believed that Keeshonds make a great family pet and was he ever right! On Halloween day in 1999, we met with you and picked out a beautiful little female Keeshond whom we named Keesha. Our son, Ryan, was five years old at the time and he and Keesha became fast friends.  Keesha had endless energy and she loved to play outside with Ryan and the other neighborhood kids. Exactly two years later, our second son, Jared, was born. Now our family was complete.

            Over the years, Keesha’s favorite activity was definitely playing baseball with the boys. She demonstrated incredible athletic ability as she snagged hard-hit ground balls and even caught a few line drives in her mouth (This activity would probably not be recommended from a canine dental point of view!). Keesha also loved to run around the perimeter of our pool when our family was swimming.  Even if the weather was extremely hot, she would not miss out on this family fun. When the weather tuned cold, which she preferred, Keesha would play out in the snow until she had ice chunks hanging from her belly and wedged between her toes. While she loved these outdoor activities, Keesha was also very happy to hang out inside with her family, just relaxing and watching T.V. Basically, Keesha just wanted to be with her family all the time, doing whatever we were doing. The best words to describe Keesha’s personality are: loving, devoted, intelligent, kind, sweet, and gentle. These are the exact qualities we wanted in a dog, so she was a perfect match for us.

            Sadly, we lost Keesha on June 22nd. Although we are still grieving and we miss her terribly, we realize how lucky we were to have her and all the joy she brought to our lives. We are already anticipating making another trip to Keeshond Heaven to pick out a new Keeshond puppy. While we can never replace Keesha, we want to honor her and her awesome breed by keeping a Keeshond in our lives. The new puppy will have his/her own unique personality, but will hopefully possess some of Keesha’s wonderful personality traits as well. Then we will have a new best friend and make new great memories for many years to come.


                        The Pinter Family



Dear Colleen,

Here's a few pictures of Tracker. He is loving all this snow. Loves to check out the bird feeders. Denny kept a path shoveled to keep his circle training up - it worked really well. He runs laps to use up energy. He also likes a lot of hugs. Last trip to the Vet he weighed 36 lbs. He is doing wonderful.

Hope you and your family are doing great and managing through all the snowflakes with all your puppies.


Donna, Denny & Tracker


Dear Collene,

We thought you might like to hear how things are going for Kita & our family. We’ve used a team approach to create this letter for you. All of us have written parts of it! Hope you enjoy it.

Caroline’s: Hi Collene! Kita is very funny, cute, and mischievous! Her favorite hobby is snatching things from tables, bags,‘ HANDS, and especially plates that have food on them! Sometimes she bites A LOT, but other times she is so sweet and FLUFFY. In the snow she always puts her head in and jumps out all surprised. Then she sneezes trying to get the snow off! Thank you!

Devin: Kita has plenty of energy so she can be hard to handle but she is a very affectionate dog. She will come up beside the chair that we’re sitting in and sit down to be petted, or she may jump on our laps and lick. Either one is fine with me! Kita is also adapting to the cats. She has had some close encounters with our cat, Coco, that got a little rough but she is getting better with them. The younger cat, Hercules, is still scared out of his mind from the dog but we probably can’t change that. (Despite his tough guy name) When Kita is in the snow she will lay down, getsnow on her snout and nap for maybe 30 minutes. When it started getting colder we could often find her napping on the patio. That's my update on Kita. Thank you- Devin.

Ellen: I can hardly believe how quickly she grew from a little fluff ball into a big one! She’s now about 41 pounds. Kita is smart, sometimes a little too smart. She has figured out how to use her snout to budge the doorway gates. She always bolts for the front hall of the house, where we have the cat food on a tray. She is sneaky!

We also have continued to enjoy watching her play in her plastic kiddie pool. We have left it outside on the patio, and she has used it an ice skating rink & a slushy ice splash pool. Who knew that a $10 pool could bring 4 seasons of fun for her?

Ed: We are enjoying our snuggles with Kita and working our way through her “naughty girl” moments. We can see how sweet she will be all the time once she mellows out a little. Clearly she is enjoying her first winter! She lounges in the snow and plays in our big back yard. She is always the friendliest dog when we go to parks to walk...she has to greet each other visitor (human and dog) before she can leave. She loves everybody. Thanks for raising such healthy puppies, Kita is a delight.

We hope that you & your family (two- and four-legged) are all doing well, in spite of this never ending snowy weather.

Devin, Caroline, Ellen & Ed




Hello Collene,
                We hope all is well with you and Keeshond Heaven.  I took these pictures of Yukon today.  He turned one year old yesterday.  He has grown up to be quite handsome as you can see.   My sister goes on to your Facebook page and gives me updates from time-to-time.  She sent me a picture of Bella, one of Yukon’s 3 sisters.  I would love to see his other siblings.  I am sure they are all gorgeous too. 
                Yukon has been the joy of our lives for these past 10 months.  He is quite a character.  He does everything he can to be funny.  It is obvious he is doing his antics to make us laugh.  He is also extremely observant.  He notices anything that is out of place, whether it is in the house or outside.  If you can believe it, he also has a fascination with airplanes.  He looks up and stares every time he hears or sees one.  We have a place at the lake and he loves it there.  He gets to run around in the yard, which is a treat, since when we are at the condo he is always on a leash.  Yukon has a wonderful life and he has made our lives richer.  He has never (and I mean never) chewed anything he wasn’t supposed to, and he has been crate-free since he was 6.5 months old and never had an accident.  We don’t have children, but when he is around them he is great.  He loves other dogs too.  He is as good as gold. 
You did a great job with picking his parents, Sheba and Kody.  I hope they are both doing well.  We are so grateful you saved Yukon and all the other puppies that contracted Parvo.  You really were their guardian angel.  I can only imagine how stressful and difficult dealing with that tragedy was for you, but you got them through it!
We hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving and that you have a Merry Christmas too.  I hope you have a few minutes to write and let us know how things are going.
Best Regards,
Lauren & John Miller





Hi Collene,

This is Pete, who (along with my girlfriend) purchased a Keeshond puppy from you back in December. I just wanted to say that everyone here is VERY happy and that our puppy (Kenny) is doing very well in Boston! Sorry that it took us so long to get back to you; we have just been extremely busy with work and having too much fun with Kenny, and we forgot to let you know that he's hearty and healthy (and growing fast; already 26 lbs. as of last week!). He's had all his necessary shots and is beginning to lose his baby teeth this week, and the vet says that's he's doing great and is also one of the cutest dogs she's ever seen! Attached to this email are some pictures of Kenny we took over the past few weeks; I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them. He's so adorable and brings so much happiness to our lives.

Thank you again for selling him to us, and don't hesitate to contactus if you have any further questions or concerns. Take care!




Dear Collene,

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your letter. I want to share some photos of Mokea who's mother was Nicki Collenes and father was Indiana Jones Collenes. Mokea was born March of 2008 so she is almost 4 years old. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and loves our first dog KiWi who is 11 years old. Both Mokea & KiWi are very gentle loving dogs who get along with anyone they meet. They however have very different personalities. and physical appearances. Mokea is much bigger than KiWi and communicates more with her body language like placing her head on your lap when she wants something from us humans. She will bark to alert us someone is approaching or when she is communicating with neighbor dogs. KiWi has many different barks and we generally know what she wants by the tone of each one. Mokea does know that KiWi is the boss when it comes to the two of them.





He is soooooooooo good -- got a shot yesterday... gained ANOTHER 3 lbs !!
We have expanded his space, and now he pretty much goes where we go, except

He is chewing everything.. I have wrestled twigs, leaves, branches, rocks out of
his mouth.. and found my shoes and slippers in his kennel .. sometimes when I
start brushing him, he grabs the brush and runs into his kennel. He is able to
hold his peeing at night for about 4 hours now, which is something, and he has
found his voice (barks)... it was so cute, yesterday, he saw himself in a mirror
and started licking the mirror, then when he saw me in the mirror, he was really
confused so he just laid down and watched himself in the mirror for about 20
minutes.. he definitely is king in our house... there are almost more toys than
him in his kennel..

From Donna Kay
Spartens mom



Hi Collene,

Happy New Year!! How have you been? Did you have a nice Holiday Season? It has been a long time since I last wrote, so I'll get you caught up on things.

We had a great end of Summer and Autumn. Do you remember the snowstorm we had at Halloween? OMG!! I had a ball!! Gary, Deb and I played outside all day that day. They kept laughing at all the fun I was having. I was making "snow plows" You know, I would bury my face in the snow then run as fast as I could till I was completely covered. Then I would shake it off and do it over and over and over again. I can't wait till the next snow storm!

Right now my favorite activity is playing Frisbee and boy am I good at it. The three of us play every night after dinner no matter what. Gary and Deb must sure love me because sometimes they put on hoodies, parkas, scarves and gloves just so I can play outside. They even use a big umbrella if it is raining cuz that sure doesn't phase me one bit. LOL I have also learned to love going for long walks on my leash......hated it at first, but now I really enjoy seeing the countryside where we live. I even have a girlfriend! Her name is Emily. She is a Springer Spaniel I met one day during our walk.. She lives up the road by the next cornfield. Whenever we pass her house, if She is outside she always runs over to say hello. We sniff each other for a while, then she goes back in. If she is not outside, she always runs to the front door and wags her tail when she sees me. I really like her, she is so cute!

Gary and Deb still take me with them wherever they can. I even went to Christmas Dinner with them. They always make sure I have some kind of play date as often as possible. My closest friends are Jenny, Rico, Brody, Molly and Rudy.
I won't be going to the doctor for about another 2 months, but we were guessing I weigh about 35 pounds by now. Believe me, it is all muscle, no fat. I get plenty of exercise everyday. I also, on a daily basis, get alot of love and affection. I have a good life Collene. Everyday I am told how much I am loved. Everyday I am told I am a very good boy. Everyday I am so thankful for Deb and Gary. I have a great life!

Well, that's about it for now. I will write sometime after my first birthday. I heard Gary and Deb talking about some kind of celebration for me. Can't wait!!

I have enclosed a recent photo, just taken the other day, right after my bath. (that by the way, is an activity I will never ever learn to like, but I gotta let them do it)

Take care Collene!
Love, Lukas



Hi Collene!

Thank you for the Xmas photo card and all of the pictures of Ngata. We loved them!!

Ngata is doing very well. We wanted to thank you for your good upbringing. He is a joy to have. He knows his commands and is well socialized. He definitely enjoys doggie daycare and chasing after our daughter Natalie. I wanted to attach some photos for you to see Ngata growing up with us. I will continue to send you photos over time.

We are so glad we got the dog from you and will recommend you to everyone we know.

Enjoy the pictures,




Hi Collene,

Mr. D’Arcy just celebrated his 4th birthday. He is in his prime and is as well-behaved as he is handsome, a credit to both his breed and his breeding.

His favorite word is “car.” He loves riding in it, and was an excellent passenger all the way to Cape Cod and back this summer. The ocean was wasted on him though, he hates getting his feet wet!

Although these pictures were taken almost a year ago, he looks pretty much the same, and the weather has not been good for taking pictures recently.

I hope his sister, Misty, is doing well.




Mon, Aug 22, 2011

Hi Colleen,

How are you!? Are you having a nice summer? Gary, Deb and I sure are. We have really taken advantage of the nice weather. They have taken me along to cookouts so I can play with other dogs, on the nice cool nights we have gone on long walks so I can learn how to behave with a leash (not my favorite activity), and I have been learning to play with a Frisbee. And get this.....they even got me a baby pool so I can be cool during those awful heatwaves......am I spoiled or what! My pool is so cool! I love to splat around my balls and toys and I even put my face to the bottom to retrieve the toys that sink. It is soooooo refreshing!!

Earlier this month I went to the doctor. Gary and Deb were saying something about going to the beach that day.....thought I was going along, but after being at the doctor's, I fell asleep for a while and when I woke up I was really sore, you know, down there! Didn't let it slow me down though. The very next day I was back to chasing butterflies, guarding the house (I've been told I'm very good at that) playing tugs, playing ball, etc. etc.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, I am so lucky to be a part of Gary & Deb's life. I'm not quite sure who loves who more. I guess it really doesn't matter. We are one close happy Family!! :0)

Take care Collene
Love, Lukas

PS....this photo was taken just the other day. I really am adorable, aren't I ?






First let me apologize for such a late letter to you! Our Keeshond was part of Jerzey girls litter on October 19 2010. I’m sure everyone compliments your dogs, as they are very sweet dogs, but I am confident that ours is THE best! =) Adding “Super Chunk” to our family has been the best decision we have ever made. He brings so much joy, love and laughter. He has the best personality of any dog that we have ever owned. He is incredibly friendly and loves to be around people. Super Chunk is spoiled rotten, with a huge toy bucket, his favorite toy being a stuffed animal pony. When no one is paying attention to him (which is rare), he will empty his entire toy bucket all over the house, but he puts everything away when he’s done! He is so entertaining, and very smart! He loves to watch animal planet on tv, and will snoop around the back of the tv to see where those dogs are hiding! He is very curious, and the way that he watches the birds outside, you would swear he’s trying to figure out how he can fly. Super Chunk loves to have play dates with other dogs, and is very friendly towards them.

His favorite game is to be chased in circles around the house. He is very quick and agile! Next winter we want to enroll him in an agility class as he is quick to be able to run through chairs, under the table, and through obstacles. He is such a lovable puppy. We have bonded amazingly with him. Every morning he will wake us, go outside, and when he comes back in, he says “it’s time for EVERYONE to be up”, so he will jump on the bed and lick our faces until we get up to play. He can be so fresh! We have an invisible fence for him, with a lot of property. Wherever and whatever we are doing, Super Chunk is sure to be no further than a step away, whether he’s going for a ride in the truck with dad, or floating in the pool with mom, he even sleeps on the bathroom floor if we’re in there! Super Chunk has been such a joy, and I thank you so very much for completing our family! I’m sure we will be back for a friend for Super in the near future!

Thanks again!
Christina and Howie




Kona is doing great. Leslee and I have had Kees for 23 years and Kona is probably the most interactive Kees we have ever had. His personality is unbelievably friendly and outgoing. As you can see from the picture of him holding a ball over his head, he is also very cleaver. When we do not pay attention to him he goes and gets a ball, lays on his back and just plays with it, by himself. He gets along with his older brother Kayto (5) as if they were truly brothers. We will come home and find them laying next to each other sleeping. They play together every day until they get sooo tired, they almost pass out. Whatever you do to your dogs, keep doing it. Like, I said earlier Kona is a fantastic Kees. If I can find last years X-Mas card I will send it to you, it features Kona and Kayto.

Hope all is well.

Totally enjoying Kona,
Dennis, Lelsee and Shannon Ferray



Dear Collene,

Again, may I tell you what a wonderful dog you have bred(Jersey girl/Indiana Jones 10/19/10). He has just returned from his second vacation- snowmobiling in northern Maine – or from his point of view, sitting in a crate in a strange cabin – It was a 10 hour trip up (we spend the night at Paws Inn again both directions – Roosevelt was not there, but he showed Kip the ropes) It amazes me how calm he is if he is sitting with me – 10 hours in the car! He was a perfect gentleman when we were home – it gets dark early up there, so we usually left around 9:00 and returned around 5:00. He was somewhat skiddish around the snowmobile noises up next to the cabin – but I don’t like them either – or the smell. He played very well with the other dogs in the cabins in the same complex. He loves family cooking with relatives who are unacquainted with dog manners. I hope to extinguish that habit quickly. Amazingly, he waits for everyone to get up before he wants to leave the bed. Minimal barking (he has just started barking to come in from outside if I am not at the door) No accidents. You should have seen him playing in the snow mounds with the neighbor kids (maybe 3 and 6) as we all were shoveling out our parking spots. My brother even allowed him under the dining room table during diner. Comes when called (along as I have a cookie), but most of all, likes to sit next to me on the sofa and be patted. He has gotten over fighting the leash, and walks without pulling (not going to start heel until he is 6 months old). I live close to the beach, and have started walking him off leash in areas where there is no access to cars – doesn’t come then – will have to work on it, because he can run very fast.

At his last vet appointment (14 weeks) – he was only 20 lbs – far less than his litter mate – but his ribs feel well muscles, and a smaller dog is just fine. He did break an incisor (don’t know how), and then the root fell out several days later – no new tooth coming down yet, but the vet says “they have ways” if need be. He goes back for a weigh in in April to start heartworm (thank goodness, the vet pronounced him round worm free). Only one ear is sort of up – again, he seems slow in comparison to his litter mate. I think he is going to have Indy’s thick coat – all of last week he was almost white, but this week, the black guard fur is coming in, and people have stopped calling him an Akita puppy. His next vet trip is in August for- you know what, but I might delay that until after his September trip to Cape Cod for a week in yet another cabin.

I know you sacrifice a lot to run your kennel – but I wanted you to know that I appreciate the work that you have done to ensure a healthy, happy companion.



Hi Collene,

We just want to say how glad we are that we found you and all your Kayz-Honden’s. We have raised Kayz-Honden’s for 20 + years and we lost out last one in 2009. We were not going to get anymore because it is so hard to lose something you have loved for 17 years. Karen came to me one night and said let’s get another puppy.

We met with you first and fell in love with the place. We were greeted with wagging tails, Kayz-honden kisses and a friendly face (Collene Hamm). The place was sparkling clean, the boys and girls were very friendly and the atmosphere was just right (beautiful babies). You answered every question we had and then some. I have to say we needed to look no further. We found our breeder (Keeshond Heaven).

We have known you since December 2009, January 2010 and have become like family. You have not changed a bit. You are still a clean-O- holic, you keep bettering the establishment and you are the best grandma of our boys, Simba Keez (Born January 12, 2010) and Zeus Akee (Born April 3, 2010). Every time we come down to visit, the closer we get the louder the boys get. Their radar or GPS must be kicking in. The boys are in training now and hoping to get them into shows by mid December, early January. We want to show off our boys. We know you will be there to cheer on our boys when the time comes. Here are a couple pictures of grandma Collene’s boys.

George & Karen & Simba& & Zeus
Grantville, PA

P.S. As always, once a Kayz-Honden owner, always a Kayz-Honden owner…………………….



Hi Collene,

You may not remember us, but my husband Jeff and I bought our keeshond from you in June 2008. We named her Coco and have been enjoying her and loving her ever since! We now have two boys and she is absolutely wonderful with the kids. She is so patient and loves to play with them! Just wanted to let you know that one of your babies is doing very well, and if you ever need more testimonials for your website or anything I'd be more than happy to oblige. I've attached some pictures as well :) Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies!





Hi Collene!

Just wanted to give you an update on Rylie. She is such an adorable puppy and a joy to have around. She is now about 7 months old and weighs 27 pounds. During the summer, I have taught her how to swim in our pool and she has experienced her first full grooming at the kennel. Also, at the beginning of August, she was spayed and had her hernia fixed. She loves going for car rides and taking trips to Petco to get new bones. Rylie is such a good girl and everyone in the family has fallen in love with her!

Thank you again for letting us have one of your puppies!
The Pino Family








Hi Collene,

I'm afraid the only copy of the picture I have of Mr. D'Arcy with my sister-in-law is a print, and he is looking away from the camera. So we took a couple this afternoon for you. He's doing so well. He's really listening to me these days. He is a wonderful companion. When I am sitting at my desk (I work from home) he can usually be found about six inches from my right foot. His favorite treat is a hike in the woods. I still keep him on a leash, though, ever since he treed a bear last year. Thankfully I was able to call him off before the bear got really annoyed!





Hi Colleen,

I thought you would like to see Zoe, DOB 03/31/2009, aka Minnie, baby of Nicki. As you can see she is doing well. Hope all is well with yourself and your dogs.

The Brown Family















I thought you may like to see your baby all grown up. Chewbacca on his first birthday, I put chicken on his birthday plate and he had to stay until I said ok to eat. Doesn’t he look handsome! Graduation from puppy class, Chewbacca in settle command. Check out the graduation cap. Gary’s face is saying I’m so proud of my Chewbacca! Dogs face saying Just get me the hell out of here!. Enjoy the pictures.

Gary and Jerri
Warrenton, Va



Here’s a picture of Heidi taken at my parents house. Their yard is completely fenced in. She loves going there because she can run around all by herself, and run she does! She has settled in nice at our house, although we must take her out on leash because our acreage is not fenced. Everybody loves her, as do we.

John and Debby
Weatherly, PA



Hi Collene,

Kaiya is doing very well. She’s very smart and learns quickly. She loves men and is sassy and strong willed.

Thanks for our new family member.

Rob and Monica
Beach Park, IL





Enclosed is the picture of Mayah that I promised you. She is a wonderful dog. We love her very much. I very much look forward to hearing form you again, and seeing the pictures you’ll be sending and hopefully getting another puppy in the future. Thanks so much for doing what you do.

Chambersburg, PA


Hi Mom!

I love my new home and my new family is so warm and welcoming! There isn’t toms of snow like it was at your house but I really enjoy playing in the sun and getting a tan! Mom can you believe I’m 7 months old! Seems like just yesterday I was a baby, hugging on my favorite bear. I’ve gained a lot of weight but I’m stronger than Hulk! I get so excited when my dad comes home from work and I get treats for being a good boy. I have to admit, I do have some bad habits of talking my families clothes and running around the house, chewing them like a bone. I once stole my fathers Sunday white shirt and ripped it so bad that he refuses to wear it anymore. I bowed and cast my eyes down, looking real pitiful, but in the end I was still loved and treated like the baby of the house.

Im a real lover of music and whenever my family leaves, they put the radio on for me and I just boogie down! I also love playing outside in my backyard and sometimes on really hot days, I sit under my favorite tree and just relax. Oh, by the way, when the temperature is really high, my dad sprays me down with the hose. It feels so good and cool and I almost believe I’m at the Bahamas’! I’m the best looking kid on the block… Okay so I’m vain! I can’t help it if God blessed me to look this good! Actually it reminds me of a time when my mom took me out to the store and I turned so many heads! I got so nervous because I thought they were going to take me away from her!

Seriously mom, what Im thinking about, I need your advice. I want to go to New York to be a fabulous model! So, I’ll probably see Tyra Banks, Brooke Shields or even Boyonce! For real though, I’ll probably see the manufactures of dog food such as Purina Dog Chow and Petsmart! You can see my portfolio and let me know what you think!

Miss you!
Pennsauken NJ



Dear Collene,

Thank you for the keeshond notepad! We wanted to thank you and tell you that “Harry” has been an absolute delight and joy since we brought him home this summer. He has graduated from beginner and intermediate training (diplomas hanging on the wall!) and is currently in advanced training at pet smart working towards earning his good citizenship next month! Throughout the training he has been with other puppies his age, so that all the puppies that are in this advanced class are about the same age. The trainer said they have been on of her best groups of students. We have been told by the trainer that she can tell that he comes from very good breeding, and we wanted to let you know! Everyone who meets Harry tells us how beautiful he is. Even though he still has a lot to learn, being only 8 months old, he is well-behaved and a good ambassador for keeshonds and your hard work.

We have enclosed two photos of Harry from December. Of course, he loved that foot of snow we got here on December 19th&20th. He never wants to come in from the snow. We live in the country, much like you do, so he sees deer and squirrel every day. Occasionally wild turkeys walk through the property. He watches the sky to follow the geese, hawks and airplanes fly overhead. He doesn’t miss a thing.

Hopefully we can find time to stop in with Harry this year. We do not live too far away. We would be interested to see how he would react to all the other keeshonds.

Take care,
Jane, Lauren and Harry
Green Lane, Pa



Hi Collene,

Sorry it took so long to send you pictures of the wonderful pups we bought from you in October 07. They are Keeza’s pups, the silver and black bigger one is the male. We call him Izzy and the female, more tan & silver than black we call Kona. They are great dogs and have been a real source of joy in our lives. We have had some family illness (parents, etc) and the dogs keep us happy, and our spirits up. Thank you for breeding such great dogs. They are really happy and healthy.

Brenda Murphy
Wooster OH




Here are some pictures for you to enjoy, Leo is such a joy to have around. We are having fun watching him play and grow. Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

Enjoy the Holiday season
Best regards,




Dear Collene,

I just wanted to send you a quick note and some photos of Mocha (Nicki’s pup) who is 6 months currently. It took KiWi (8 years old) several months to warm up to Mocha but as you can see by the photo’s, they have become good friends. KiWi made house training Mocha very easy since Mocha followed KiWi outside and copied everything she did. The teething stage was somewhat difficult since Mocha wanted to bite everything especially KiWi’s tail, paws, fur etc. I think he thought KiWi was her live chew toy. Both dogs have developed a mutual enjoyment of what I call “dog wrestling”. Susan used to think they were fighting but has come to understand it is their way of playing. KiWi has lost some weight, appears younger and happier with her new house mate. Miranda 13 years, and Tyler 7 years love to play with the dogs and take them for walks. We have been talking Mocha to puppy training class for the last 3-4 weeks to help her understand commands. She currently knows “sit, lie down and stay”

Thank you for a great puppy!

The Altringers
Staten Island, NY



Hi Collene:

We purchased “Isaiah” from you last Sunday and I have to thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful puppy. He is so precious! We have bonded so well already it is remarkable. I do have a question. I contacted my butcher about the ham bone and they do not carry them. I was wondering if you could either give me your butchers name and phone number if they are willing to ship to people or if I could order the bones thru you? Isaiah has already gone through his one that you sent home with him and we are leaving for our house in Daytona Beach, Florida on Saturday and I would really like to have a few to take with us to help entertain him on the trip. I know it is rather short notice but I never thought he would go through his first one as fast. I thank you again for such a fine quality puppy and I am sure we will be back for more. As a matter of fact I have two people who are considering this breed after spending time with Isaiah. Obviously I will send them your way.

Dover, Delaware








I apologize for such a late letter to you. My wife Chris and me purchased our "Kosmo" from you back in March 2008. I believe he was from your Jan 20th 2008 litter. I am sure everyone says how wonderful their dog is but I am telling you the truth he is the BEST bar none. I swear he has human characteristics and sometimes it is a little scary. He knows EVERYTHING going on and he must bark 7 different ways with each one having a different meaning. What a joy he has brought to our home, we absolutely love him and yes he is spoiled rotten. Just a perfect pet. He is with us almost all of time. We have a very large yard and is lined with hedges nothing can get through so he has the run of the yard when I'm out there. When I pick raspberries each night he comes all the way down and sits and yaps at me. I pick 5 I need to give him one and he catches them all. I pick cherry tomatoes he yaps until he gets his. Same way when I pick peaches and apples. The one oddity if this is really one is sleeps most of the time on his back. We love him and thank you.

Thank you so much.